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Digital Aerial Cameras

6 Das 1

Stereo compilation - Oblique view of 3D models - ortho mosaics and NIRs all captured simulataneously

3 DAS 2 Universal
3-DAS-2 Universal

Very large FOV - more than film cameras; used for stereo 3D mapping and orthophoto

4 DAS 1 Large Scale NIR
4-DAS-1 Large Scale NIR

Best suited for large scale mapping projects including stereo, orthophoto and remote sensing

3 OC Oblique
3-OC Oblique

Capture oblique images forward and backward, nardir images as well orthophoto simultaneously


RM 6 Autoscanner
RM-6 AutoScanner

Automatic or manual scanning of negative or positive transparencies

Dust & Scratch Remover
Dust & Scratch Removal

Automatically removes dust & scratches from images utilizing an infrared mask source scan

ScanMaster Upgrade
ScanMaster Upgrade

Reduce scan times
Uses USB ports New user interface
W7 32 or 64 bit O/S

Large Format Scanner
Large Format Scanner

Scan 470x320mm film rolls or frames

Stabilizing Platforms

ASP 4 Platform
ASP-4 Platform

Aerial stabilizing platform for 3 axes - 0.2 deg in roll/pitch and 0.4 deg in yaw

Universal Forward Motion Compensator

Small & medium cameras - operates independent of all systems - sharp images

Custom Projects

Multi Sensor Large Platform
Multi Sensor Large Platform

3 axes stabilization to within 1 degree